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BERITA 01.11.2018 + VIDEOS


We love to explore new Dive Sides and we found out that there are several great dive spots in BONDALEM - TEJAKULA area. Bondalem Village is around 1 hour away from Tulamben. The Government protect this area and the ocean with coral conservation, reef check and several underwater artefacts.
The dive spots are great for macro or wide angel photographers. If you are lucky you can see for example Hairy Octopus, Stillinger, Frogfish, Doto sp., Janolus, Theracera, Ghost Pipefish, Sea Horses and Nembrota. To see the website from our Dive Center please follow the link:

Matahari Dive Tulamben in BONDALEM

We offer this diving daily on request from Tulamben and between the dives you will have lunch in a beach front Restaurant. There you can see how the people traditionally produce salt in two different ways. And you can try the difference when you taste the salt.
On the way back we can visit LES Waterfalls on request.
We hope you will enjoy to dive with us in the new place :-)

Warm greetings from Suci and the TEAM

"Tulamben is safe: Just come and let's have fun together"


We are happy to tell you: we have another place in Tulamben with swimming pool and free Wifi. Only around 2-3 minutes walk away from the Resort. To get an impression please follow the link:

Matahari Two Tulamben = MTT

MTT has 7 deluxe rooms for max. 15 persons (6x double/twin beds and 1x3 beds) with aircon, safebox, refrigerator, water kettle and view to Mount Agung. Great place for groups, families and friends.
Restaurant is onside but possible to take all meals in the Resort. You can combine our special offers with MTT (special promo rates).

Warm greetings from Suci and the TEAM

"Tulamben is safe: Just come and let's have fun together"


We are happy to let you know that we received another Award. We got this informations today (05.04.2018):
"Matahari Tulamben Resort Dive & Spa has just been awarded the HotelsCombined Recognition of Excellence for 2018 in Indonesia for achieving the highest standards of Customer Satisfaction worldwide. Specifically to date, our team of data experts have found and processed 650 opinions that your guests have posted on a variety of different websites, forums and social media, resulting in a score of 8.5 out of a possible 10."
8.5 Rated by Guests

"THANK YOU" to all our friends and guests which posted something nice about us and which are happy to stay with us. Many of you come again and again and again...... and we would be happy to see you soon :-) "

"Tulamben is safe: Just come and let's have fun together"
Suci and the TEAM


17.03.2018 - - - INTERNET will be OFF on NYEPI DAY for 24 hours!

All travelers to Bali must be aware that Bali celebrates on 17.03.2018
NYEPI DAY - Balinese New Year. A holy day of complete silence for Balinese Hindus.
All residents of Bali must remain indoors and no noise or outside activity is allowed. It starts from 06:00 hrs in the morning until 06:00 hrs on 18.03.2018. The streets, beaches and airport are completely closed as well.
Our kitchen will be open until 19:00 hrs for our Guests.


And we got the AWARD on 25.01.2018 the 4th time: Because of all of YOU..........
Thank you very much to our friends, to all the nice people which visit us again and again and to the new guests which maybe come again in the future. We are very proud of all of you which helped somewho that we belongs to the 25 winners of Indonesia for the "Bargain" award.

We try hard to keep going on in the same way and we hope it works. Sometimes it is not easy and thanks that you all not forget that we are in Asia. Also that you always stay behind us if something doesn't work perfect. The special "thanks" goes to the guests which talk to us during the holidays and give us the chance to improve in case we have a mistake....

Warm greetings from Suci and the TEAM

"Tulamben is safe: Just come and let's have fun together"


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 to all our friends and guests.
May God bless the World and make it safe for everybody.
Tulamben is safe and we would be happy to see you soon.
"Come and let's have fun together!"
Suci and the TEAM

MATAHARI will RE-OPEN on 16.12.2017

After talking with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Volcano Institute we are very happy to announce that we reopen because they declare Tulamben as safe. The red zone is until 8 km and Tulamben is away 12 km from the crater of Mt. Agung. Therefore we are allowed to open.

Please be sure we will go no risk for our guests, our TEAM and ourself. Last time we evacuated even before we must do it.

You can follow the link to see (they update daily): Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We would be happy to welcome our friends and guests soon and can celebrate the NEW YEAR 2018 with you.

Suci and the TEAM :-)


We are sad to inform you that we CLOSED Matahari Tulamben Resort, Dive & SPA from 26.11.2017 because of volcano activities.

But we still go for diving and our TEAM will be happy if you give work to them. In the moment we operate from Amed and we relocated our guests to Bali Bhuana Beach Cottages in Amed. We also dive in Padang Bai and around.......

We hope we can back home soon and we pray for all the evacuated people and Mt. Agung that we can back to normality.
Once we re-open we will inform you immediately.

Suci and the TEAM

"Terima kasih Frank" untuk videonya yg luar biasa bagus.
Selamat bersenang2 dan menikmati liburan di tempat kami di bulan April 2016

We are happy that we can offer now holidays in our private villa in Tukad Abu. 5 minutes away from Tulamben by car.

"SPECIAL OFFER until 28.02.2018":

4 Days plus SPA and TOUR

4 DAYS / 3 NIGHTS - All inclusive

  • included 3 nights in an amazing private beach front Villa with 4 bedrooms, 2 with ensuite bathroom, 2 with sharing bathroom plus 1 bathroom with Sauna and hot water tube.
  • included dinner – breakfast/lunch/dinner – breakfast/lunch/dinner - breakfast
  • included max. 10 dives in complete Tulamben area like
    • USAT Liberty Wreck, Coral Garden/Suci Place (underwater artefacts), Drop Off, Batu Belah, Seraya Secrets, Kwanji, Melasti, Kubu, BOGA WRECK, Batu Ringgit
    with dive guide and included night dives
  • included all dive taxes (excluded dive equipment!!!)
  • included one complimentary "Balinese Aromatherapy Massage" in our SPA in the Resort per person
  • included half day sightseeing tour at check out day:
    • on the way to Airport or Kuta: "Tirta Gangga Water Palace", "Kings Palace in Amlapura", "Rice Fields", "Ujung Water Palace" and "Goa Lawah Temple (one of the holiest temple in Bali with Bat-Cave and Phytons). Excluded entrance fees."

For 8 - 9 person
RP 6.750.000 per diver (min. 4 divers)
RP 3.250.000 per non-diver

Kami ingin berbagi informasi menarik tentang Mola Mola. Kami berharap semua orang akan menyukainya. Mola-Mola

Tripadvisor Award 2016 - "TOP 25: BARGAIN Hotels Indonesia
Tempat 14 dari 25 :-)
Kami mendapatkan penghargaan ini untuk kedua kalinya,dan kami mengucapkan "Terima Kasih" kepada semua teman dan pelanggan kami.Kami tahu tanpa anda semua kami tidak akan bisa mendapatkan kesuksesan dan penghargaan ini.
Kami sangat bahagia dengan suport anda semua.dan akan menjadi sangat menyenangkan jika kami bisa menjumpai anda kembali,,,senyuumm.
Salam hangat dari Suci dan Team

SSI Instructor for SIDEMOUNT
Kami menawarkan mulai hari ini
"SSI Speciality Course Sidemount" dan "Intro Dive to Sidemount"
Dan kami mengucapkan selamat kepada seluruh Divemaster kami untuk keberhasilan mereka dalam mencapai sertifikasi "Speciality Sidemount"
Jika anda ongin melihat galeri foto sertifikasi tersebut dapat anda lihat di Photogallery kami

Untuk informasi lainnya, anda dapat mengirimkan email ke :

Hari Raya Nyepi : 31 Maret 2014
Tahun Baru Caka 1936 (Bali Day of Silence).

Pada tanggal 31 Maret 2014 Umat Hindu di Bali akan merayakan Hari Raya Nyepi, Tahun Baru Caka 1936. Hari raya ini diperingati dengan keheningan total di seluruh Pulau bali untuk menyambut datangnya tahun baru bagi Kalender Hindu.

Rangkaian upacara untuk memperingati Hati Raya Nyepi akan dimulai satu hari sebelumnya dengan upacara pembersihan jagat raya dengan berbagai sarana upacara lalu dilanjutkan dengan pawai Ogoh-Ogoh. Upacara pembersihan ini dilakukan untuk mengusir segala roh-roh jahat di setiap sudut Pulau Bali. Sedangkan Ogoh-ogoh melambangkan wujud setan yang akan dibakar dan dibinasakan untuk menyambut tahun baru yang damai. Keesokan harinya tepat pada Hari Raya Nyepi, aktibitas di Pulau Bali akan terhenti mulai pukul 06.00 wita hingga pukul 06.00 wita di hari berikutnya. Bandara Ngurah Rai akan ditutup, tidak diperbolehkan menggunakan jalan umum, penggunaan listrik dibatasi, tidak diperbolehkan untuk melakukan kegiatan di luar rumah selama 24 jam tersebut, termasuk penyelaman di area Tulamben.

Sebagai tambahan informasi, untuk memperingati Hari Raya Nyepi pada tanggal 31 Maret 2014 kami tidak melayani antar-jemput dan proses check in-check out. Beberapa fasilitas resor akan tetap beroperasi seperti biasa namun tidak akan ada pelayanan keluar dari area resor. Penerangan akan berasal dari lilin. Dan untuk fasilitas kolam renang akan tetap dibuka untuk tamu yang menginap di resor kami.

Sebuah majalah di Negara Jerman yang berjudul "Unterwasser" mengulas tentang situs penyelaman baru di Tulamben : "Suci Place".

Video sejak tahun 2013
Jika anda ingin melihat video tentang resort kami terbaru dan dive site baru "Suci Place"


Dive center kami "Matahari Dive Tulamben" turut berpartisipasi sebagai Participating Dive Operator (PDO) untuk :
IWUPC 2013 - Indonesia World Underwater Contest 2013

IWUPC adalah lomba foto yang terbesar , terpanjang , dan paling bergengsi di dunia yang diadakan oleh Kementerian Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif Republik Indonesia .
IWUPC adalah kontes foto pertama yang berlangsung di seluruh negeri ( Nation Wide) dari Januari hingga November 2013.
Jika Anda ingin mengambil bagian dalam kontes ini silakan kunjungi website IWUPC untuk pendaftaran :

Saat ini kami sedang melanjutkan rangkaian Underwater project kami yang kami sebut deangan :
"Suci's Place".
Hari ini, kami meletakkan patung : The Goddess Dewi Tara, yang disebut sebagai Ibu dari Budha yang penuh cinta kasih. Dewi Tara merupakan lambang kesucian dan kebenaran. Patung Dewi Tara dikawal oleh 2 singa wali. Kami berharap semua tamu kami akan menikmati underwater project kami.
Seterusnya, kami akan mengembangkan underwater project kami.

Upacara "Manusa Yadnya MEPANDES ( Potong Gigi )"

Upacara potong gigi (mepandes) merupakan salah satu jenis upacara Agama Hindu di Bali. Upacara ini termasuk dalam salah satu Upacara Manusa Yadnya.
Tujuan dari upacara ini adalah untuk meratakan bentuk enam potongan 2 gigi taring dan empat gigi seri atas. Meratakan enam gigi ini merupakan simbol dari pengendalian atas Sad Ripu, yaitu enam sifat buruk dalam diri manusia dalam, seperti Kama (nafsu), Loba (keserakahan), Krodha (kemarahan), Mada (kemabukan), Moha (kebingungan), dan Matsarya (iri). Jika Sad Ripu tidak dapat dikendalikan maka akan membahayakan kehidupan manusia. Telah menjadi tugas orang tua untuk melaksanakan perintah Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa untuk mengendalikan pengaruh Sad Ripu.
Pada 25 Juni 2013 kami merayakan Upacara "Manusa Yadnya MEPANDES ( Potong Gigi )" untuk anak-anak kami : Rara, Nena, Anjas dan 3 anak-anak dari kerabat kami. Untuk merayakan upacara ini, kami mengundang para tamu yang menginap di resort kami (guest in house) untuk bergabung dalam upacara ini.

Video ini direkam pada Agustus 2010. Setelah video ini direkam, kami melakukan banyak renovasi di berbagai bagian dan fasilitas resort. Untuk melihat renovasi yang telah manajemen lakukan dari waktu ke waktu, dapat dilihat pada : Galeri Foto.