Matahari Tulamben Resort, Dive & Spa
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Dive Prices + Dive Courses

Dive Center

SSI and PADI Instructors available
5 Divemaster SSI and 6 Divemaster Trainees SS

Fun Diving

Dive prices including TANK, WEIGHT, DIVE GUIDE and PORTER per person
(excluded equipment)

Special offer for certified divers
RP 550.000 = 2 day dives with guide, included equipement and taxes in one day

NITROX32 without extra charges for certified divers!!!!!

RP 250.000 per dive in Tulamben
RP 325.000 per dive from Batu Belah until Batu Ringgit by car (min. 2 pers.)
RP 400.000 = 1 Night dive included torch
RP 800.000 = 1 dive "BLACKWATER Dive by boat (min. 2 pers) - single diver on request
RP 800.000 = 1 Dive "SIDEMOUNT" (included equipment)
RP 150.000 = Private dive guide per dive
RP 125.000 = Extra for Boat dive (min. 2 pers.)
RP    50.000 = Government and village Tax per dive day - per 01.02.2019

Equipment rental

RP 150.000 = Full set dive equipment per day (excluded computer and torch)
RP   50.000 = Regulator
RP   50.000 = BCD
RP   35.000 = wetsuit
RP   70.000 = Dive Computer
RP   70.000 = Torch
RP   70.000 = Snorkel equipment (mask/fins/snorkel)
RP   30.000 = Lifejacket
RP 150.000 = Snorkeling with guide per person, min. 2 person

Special Offer: UNLIMITED DIVING!!!!!!!!!

  • included unlimited day dives and 1 night dive at the Liberty Wreck,
    Coral garden, "Suci Place" and Drop Off with guide
  • included tank, weight, porter and dive tax (excluded equipment): Excluded torch for night dive
  • start 06:30 hrs, last dive start 18:30 hrs
RP 1.100.000 per person (dive in small group)
RP 1.800.000 = 1 diver/photographer alone with guide

If you never dived you can try
DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING: with Divemaster, equipment and certification about "Introductory Diving":
RP 550.000 = 1 Pool Session and dive "Coral Garden/Suci Place"
RP 800.000 = 1 Pool Session and dive "Coral Garden/Suci Place" and "Liberty WRECK" in one day

For certified diver we offer
Introductory SIDEMOUNT DIVING: with Instructor and equipment
RP 1.000.000 = 1 dive
RP 1.800.000 = 2 dives

Dive Courses

We are SSI Dive Center and you can do theory online without extra charges. If you like please register to: But we have also PADI Instructors available.

3.500.000 RP = included pool session, 4 sea dives (max. depth 18 m), rental trainings book, equipment, certification and Logbook (3-4 days). For "SSI Junior Open Water Course" min. age 10 years/max. depth 12 m.

SSI Advanced Adventurer
2.800.000 RP = included 5 dives, equipment, 1 certification card
and you can try 5 specialities : perfect buoyancy, night dive, deep dive, wreck dive, navigation dive. This dives will increase your diving ability and certify you to a new maximum depth of 30 metres and night diving. This is without classroom and final exam and you can continue direct after Open Water Course. (2 days)

4.700.000 RP = included 8 dives, equipment, training material and 1 certification card for AOWD plus 4 certification cards for Specialities (3-4 days). Choose 4 : "Night Diver", "Deep Diver", "Wreck Diver", "Navigation dive" or "Perfect Buoyancy".
Enriched Air NITROX32+NITROX40 (extra charge 900.000 RP). This course require min. 24 logged dives .

SSI Stress and Rescue
4.000.000 RP = 2-3 days, included 4 dives, equipment and certification
For Rescue Diver Course you must present a “First Aid Certificate” not older than two years.

SSI Respond Right Emergency first aid
1.500.000 RP = classroom and certification

SSI Scuba Skill Update
550.000 RP = included 1 dive, equipment
800.000 RP = included 2 dives, equipment

SSI Specialities

SSI Deep Diver Speciality
1.700.000 RP = included 3 deep dives, equipment and certification

SSI Night Limited Visibility Speciality
1.400.000 RP = included 2 dives, equipment and certification

SSI Wreck Dive Speciality
1.500.000 RP = included 2 dives, equipment and certification

SSI Navigation Speciality
1.400.000 RP = included 2 dives, equipment and certification

SSI Perfect Buoyancy
1.400.000 RP = included 2 dives, equipment and certification

SSI Enrich Air NITROX32 and NITROX40 Speciality
1.600.000 RP = included 1 dive, equipment and certification

SSI Recreational Sidemount Diving
4.000.000 RP = theory, equipment setup and adjustment, pool session, 3 dives and certification

We have PADI Instructors available and you can do:

4.500.000 RP = included pool session, 4 sea dives, own book, equipment, certification and logbook (4 days)

4.000.000 RP = included 5 dives, equipment and certification (2 days)

For certified divers we offer diving with own equipment and without guide:

  • RP 100.000 per tank incl. weight and porter
  • For information: Porter must be paid, also when you don't need them